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Inspire International Coaching Academy are demanding change in the Coaching industry creating and delivering the best quality Professional Coaching training, all our training programmes are fully accredited with the NLPEA, registered with the professional coaching bodies, coaching directory and registered with the ESFA as a training provider.

Meet Sandra Breen

Founder and Course Director

I am Sandra Breen founder and course director it’s my passion and purpose to change the coaching industry, demanding regulation to improve the service clients deserve and the only way to do this is through fully accredited training recognised by the professional coaching bodies.

If you want to be trained as a fully accredited professional coach and be part of a community of professional coaches then Inspire training is for you so you are fit for purpose when regulation becomes mandatory.

Our Services

With all of our coaches and trainers fully certified, registered and accredited – you know you are in safe hands. Whether you are looking to kickstart your coaching path, add to your existing skill set or find a coach who is able to support you in making breakthroughs you desire in life – you have come to the right place.

Become a Coach

Begin your coaching career right here. Train and learn about how to become the best coach you can be.

Develop Your Coaching

Take your coaching practice to the next level and learn new techniques in order to advance your skill set as a coach.

Find a Coach

Find your perfect coach with the peace of mind knowing they are fully accredited and certified.

Success Stories: From People Just Like You…

Training with Inspire allowed me to lay the solid foundation in which I have built my coaching business. Equipping myself with these skills, knowledge and techniques, along with my digital marketing background, has allowed me to begin to create a business I am excited to grow and develop.
Gavin MacLean

Thanks to Inspire, I am now a more confident and professional coach and I truly feel part of a coaching revolution.

Marisa Mansfield

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