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The NLP Life Coaching Course delivered through Inspire is thorough and in-depth, covering all aspects of coaching. The course is detailed and due to the delivery through joint zoom meetings, there’s plenty of scope to discuss, practice and reflect with other members of the course. It is a great learning experience, where new skills are taken on board and time is given to put these skills into practice to ensure that you leave equipped, confident and inspired to become a great coach, helping others on their personal life journeys.
Claire Bjerkan

I was always in awe at the simplicity in which Sandra could get to the heart of the matter with her training. As the coaches’ coach, Sandra helped me to take my listening skills to the next level. Her enthusiastic coaching style is encouraging, motivating, and uplifting.  I can – without reservation – recommend her to you! She is a great coach and best of all – a great person!  
Dave Pamah

Training with Inspire allowed me to lay the solid foundation in which I have built my coaching business. Equipping myself with these skills, knowledge and techniques, along with my digital marketing background, has allowed me to begin to create a business I am excited to grow and develop.
Gavin MacLean

Highly recommended-the NLP Life Coaching course is an amazing journey of self-discovery and building solid foundations for a happy and prosperous life. Packed with neuro-linguistic programming techniques and lots of coaching practice, it prepares you to become a confident coach, able to support and push clients towards fulfilling their dreams.
Anastasia Strika

Being a student of Inspire as enhanced my Coaching vocabulary and skill set along with my mindset. .I have gained the wisdom and knowledge necessary to fully take any client from the place where they are right now to where they want to be. I would recommend gaining your Life Coaching or NLP qualification with Inspire, as you will not only gain the skills you need in all these career paths but will also become a part of a family . You will receive the continued support of Inspire to move you from becoming qualified to become a professional. I 100 % recommend Inspire London as your place to start or grow.
Antoinette Clarke-Warren

Training with Inspire has transformed my own life in order to coach others, I gained all the tools and technique to practice as a professional NLP coach and with the business training and continued  mentoring I have my own thriving coaching practice and love been part of the Inspire team. If you want to be trained by the best in order to be the best then Inspire is for you.

Kam Judge

Inspire has enabled me to reflect upon, my own journey of self discovery.  My personal growth, confidence and understanding have increased in my coaching practice.   I completed a16 week course which was delivered with a variety of methods and interactive sessions within the group.  Not only have I thrived, but I have made some great friends along the way.  I look forward to my new career expanding and serving others to become the best version of themselves. 

Anna Fallows

The NLP life coach certification was a perfect way to push my skills as a life coach to the next level. 
I came into the course as someone who is already a practicing life coach. The course not only gave me a internationally recognised certification, but cemented my understanding of NLP and just how impactful it can be for myself and my clients.
I look forward to continuing my involvement with inspire as we strive to make the coaching world a better place.
Joe Crawley

Thanks to Inspire, I am now a more confident and professional coach and I truly feel part of a coaching revolution.

Marisa Mansfield

I highly recommend the NLP life coaching course. The support and mentorship that you get is completely priceless and you go through your own self discovery journey throughout. I feel so ready to help others in their personal journey through coaching and I’m so excited to see what the future brings.

Zee Bargir

The Inspire course does just that “inspire“ you to grow. A journey of self discovery, mental agility and NLP strategy. You will learn by practical sessions not just theory. Gain practical skills to be able to coach yourself and others.

Jan King

Having studied the NLP Coaching Course with Inspire, I found it has given me a great foundation upon which to develop as a professional coach.  The blend of interactive teaching and practical coaching sessions truly help cement the principles of coaching and provide you the tools and techniques required to support your clients in their personal growth.  There is a lot of work to do, and as a coach you should always be learning, but the ongoing support throughout the course and afterwards gives you the confidence and focus to take the knowledge gained on the course and to continue your development in becoming a deeply impactful coach.   If you are keen on becoming a coach yourself, I would thoroughly recommend the NLP Coaching Course with Inspire.

Kevin Walker-Curran

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